Meet Our Professionals

Dawn Olson

Dawn Olson brings over 30 years of professional pet industry experience.
Dawn grew up in Alaska, spent her young years with her pet ducks, rabbits, dogs, and cats. She also adopted her first Siamese cat while working at her first job in the local humane society. She headed to Colorado in 1997 to attend Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology, graduated, passed the state board exam, and worked as a Certified Vet Tech before starting a pet sitting business in 1995.

Over the years, she has helped people find their passion for working with pets through Distinctive Pet Care, The Ken Caryl Pet Spa, and Creating Forever Dogs.

“Having our own facility is a luxury and a game changer! I know how hard it is for pet professionals to be able to afford a place to practice, teach or provide their services and so I wanted to create an ‘alliance of sorts’ by giving others a platform to reach the public about pet-related services that they might not otherwise be able to offer. We offer offices, clinic rooms, conference areas, and a large event room to offer any type of space that they may need.”

Creating Forever Dogs

Creating Forever Dogs holds training & education classes and private sessions on a regular basis at the Colorado Pet Education facility. To see her class calendar and to learn more, click here!  Read all about Fran & the mission of Creating Forever Dogs

Zen Doggie Training

Zen Doggie Training holds group training classes at our facility!  Read all about what Sandra with ZenDoggie has to offer!

Meet Our Professionals October 12, 2020